June Sponsor Spotlight: Shooter's Choice and ESEE Knives


This month we're honoring two longtime supporters of Shoot For A Cure, sponsors Shooters Choice and ESEE Knives! 

Over the last 30 years, Shooter's Choice has worked to provide the most effective gun care solvents and lubricants in the world. Their custom blended products are formulated by chemists who are shooting enthusiasts as well, a unique combination of talent that has enabled them to move to the forefront of the industry. Shooter's Choice prides themselves on creating products that perform and provide the very best care for your firearms. We're proud to exclusively use only SC products on our shotguns as they are the “Official Cleaning Solvents for SFAC” and the best in the industry. Many thanks to Frank-your support throughout thew years means the world to us.

Visit shooters-choice.com for more info.

In 1997, ESEE founders Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin started down the path of changing the way the survival and wilderness industry did business. Beginning first in South America with Randall’s Adventure & Training, they later brought their training stateside and added sister company ESEE, which produces high quality field grade knives and gear. The company’s philosophy is simple: treat the customer with respect, keep the prices fair, provide the best in quality, and never teach a skill or provide a piece of gear that hasn’t been tested in the real world. ESEE has been a sponsor since 2011 and we feature their Mil-Spec 3 knife in our event raffles and the new awesome EXPAT Cleavers!. Big thanks to Jeff, Chris and Bruce…we love you guys!!!

Learn more at ESEEknives.com.