Shoot for a Cure's INSTRUCTORS AND VOLUNTEERS are a huge reason why we are able to do what we do every year!




Mark Gagliardi

National Event Chairman
certifications: NSCA LEVEL 1, USAYESS AND CSM
Mark Shoots: Browning Maxus Golden Clays

Mark is the CSWUS for OPEIU Local 277, our National Event Chair, and the Founder of Shoot for a Cure. Mark has been shooting and hunting since he was old enough to pick up a gun. He got into sporting clays in the early 2000s and founded Shoot for a Cure in 2003. In addition to shooting clays, Mark is a deer hunting fanatic and enjoys upland and small game hunting. Mark shoots many shotguns, but his favorite is his maple Browning Maxus, which he affectionately calls "Blondie."

Mark enthusiastically says that Shoot for a Cure has been the great surprise of his adult life, and anyone who meets him knows just how passionate he is about this great sport and this great cause. 


John Rossi

John Shoots: browning 425 "The RoSSIGNATOR"

Born and raised in the San Francisco bay area and currently living in Brentwood, CA, John is a Union rep for Local 5 and has been a UFCW member for 32 years. He grew up hunting and fishing with his family. John has been a volunteer with SFAC since day one, starting with attending shoots and packing bags, and 6 years later became an NSCA Level 1 instructor. In 2015 he passed the CSM Instructor course.

"Going from State to State with the rest of my SFAC family, raising money to find a cure,  introducing and teaching new shooters to our great sport while promoting gun safety, has become both a joy and passion in my life," John says. 


Tom Spear

ToM Shoots: browning 725 Sporting high rib

Tom Spear has been with Shoot for a Cure since 2004. After his retirement in 2011, as President for the Brick Layers Union, he became armorer and truck driver for SFAC.  Tom and his wife Lula log close to 10,000 miles hauling the SFAC truck and trailer from cost to coast to all of the events. Tom also has an intimate working knowledge of every shotgun on the trailer and along with the crew he keeps them in tip top condition. He started hunting for upland game birds and deer at a young age, and shoots sporting clays as often as possible. 




Bobby Klein

BOBBY SHOOTS: Caesar Guerini Summit Sporting

Bobby Klein is a retired Carpenters Rep. from Northern California. He just graduated from the John Higgins CSM course last October, and has traveled with the guys to most of the events from coast to coast. He started as a child at 4 years of age learning to shoot from his grandparents and his uncle. Hunting has been a big part of his family's life for 50 years!

Bobby started shooting in Shoot for a Cure events from the beginning to represent the Carpenters Union. "It's like a big family!" he says. He loves introducing people to the shooting sports! The gun that is closest to his heart is his Grandfather's old Browning A-5, but he shoots sporting clays with a Caesar Guerini.





Mike Leong


Mike Leong, a Sacramento native, is a retired Carpenters Union Representative in Northern California. Coming from a family of hunters and fishermen, he began shooting as soon as he was old enough to handle a firearm. Michael is an avid fisherman and hunter. He enjoys hunting waterfowl and upland game.

He started shooting with SFAC through the Carpenters Union in 2009. Shortly after his retirement, he signed up as a volunteer. Sporting Clays are one of his passions. He loves meeting new people, being involved in the community, and getting new shooters comfortable with the sport.


AJ O'Connor

AJ Shoots: Browning Cynergy

AJ resides in the Finger Lakes region of Central New York. He has been with Shoot For A Cure since 2007. He first became experienced with firearms as a U.S. Marine Corps grunt and Primary Marksmanship Instructor. He is also an NSCA Level 1 Sporting Clays Instructor. AJ is an avid hunter and is happiest when he is in the woods or on a sporting clays course. In addition, as a father of three and a Registered Nurse, he is passionate about the importance of medical research to cure these dreaded diseases. 


John Papa

Certifications: NSCA Level 1
John Shoots: Beretta Silver Pigeon 

John was born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA. and resides in Hollister, CA. with his wife Linda. He is a Business Representative for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades in the Monterey Bay area.

He grew up hunting and fishing around Santa Cruz and the Central Valley area with family.  While hunting, he uses either a Remington 30-06 or a 300 Savage. And while going after upland game or shooting clays, he has a Beretta over and under, Remington 1100 or a Browning “Sweet Sixteen”.

He started shooting sporting clays around 2007 with friends and became an NSCA Level 1 instructor in 2013.

He enjoys the camaraderie that comes with working the various shoots and especially likes assisting the novice shooters that come to the Shoot for a Cure events.






John Sherak


John is the Director of Organizing for the Painters and Allied Trades and has been a member for 27 years. He has been shooting and hunting since he was 10 years old. An avid fisherman, John fishes competitive bass tournaments all over Northern CA. A duck hunting fanatic, John is mostly seen in the duck blind during the Winter months each year.

John enjoys sporting clays and shoots competitively all over CA. He has been involved with SFAC since 2006, first as a shooter and now as an instructor. Meeting great people all over the US, for a great cause is what John loves the most about SFAC.



Sandy Sinor

Sandy Shoots: Beretta a400

Sandy Sinor is an institutional sales and relationship manager for Voya Investment Management, responsible for institutional distribution in the Western United States in all market segments. Sandy received a BBA from the University of Texas in Arlington and an MBA from Amber University. She holds FINRA Series 6, 7 and 63 licenses.

As a novice, Sandy had never shot sporting clays in her lifetime before she was invited to her first Shoot for a Cure event in 2004. After participating in this great fundraiser, she caught the bug! After a few more events, she bought her first shotgun and went on to become an NSCA Level 1 instructor. When time and her busy job schedule permit, Sandy joins the crew at various events around the country. 



Lula Spear


Lula is a retired SEIU 1000 member who worked as food manager for the State prison system in Southern California. Lula is Tom's wife and his co-pilot when they're on the road. At each event, she runs the raffle ticket sales and the flurry with Tom.

Lula has hunted, fished, and trapped for small game. She shoots sporting clays with the SFAC staff whenever possible. However, Lula's main function at SFAC is keeping the rest of the crew in line and on time - which she does without fail at each and every event! 


Eric Wright

Eric Shoots: KRieghoff K80 bavaria grade

Eric started hunting and shooting at the early age of 9 and began shooting Sporting Clays competitively in the mid 90's. He has been hooked ever since and has traveled all over the U.S.for Championship Shoots, meeting great people and shooting extraordinary clubs.

A member of Teamsters Local 315, Eric considers it an honor to be part of the SFAC organization as an instructor, shooter, and a part of the staff. "The people on our travels that have reached out to our foundation is incredible, I love seeing the support of so many doing so much for the cause - it's priceless to be a part of finding & fighting for the cure."

2015 SFAC Instructor of the Year, 1998 CA Class Champion, 1999, 2001, 2005 HI Class Champion, 2013 CA State Class Champion, and 2013 o/s OR Class Champion, are just some of the awards and accolades obtained by Eric throughout his shooting career.