April Sponsor Spotlight: Brownells and CZ-USA


Our April Sponsors of the Month are Brownells and CZ-USA!

Established in 1939, Brownells is the world’s greatest supplier of all things to maintain, upgrade and fix your firearms. Our trailer is well stocked with Brownells cleaning rods, brushes, and spare parts, keeping all of our shotguns in tip top shape all season long. You may have even seen the Brownells gunsmith screwdriver kits in our raffles, and this year we're giving away one of their retro rifles in our yearly raffle! A big thanks to Roy Hill for all of your continued support.

Learn more at Brownells.com.

We have featured CZ-USA's line of shotguns on our trailer for the past 5 years, and this year, once again we are giving away a Made in the USA Dan Wesson 45 ACP Pistol in our yearly raffle. Special thanks to Dave Miller our "Guinness Book of World Records" rep from CZ-USA, who has consistently been very supportive of our mission.

For more info visit CZ-USA.com.