September Sponsor Spotlight: Leatherman and Beretta USA


Our sponsors of the month are Beretta USA and Leatherman!

Beretta has been making fine Italian firearms since the 1500s. Through those centuries of experience, Beretta has held true to their core value of quality without compromise, and their investments in technology have resulted in some of the best firearms on the market today. We have everything from the A300 to the Silver Pigeon O/U shotguns on the trailer to demo and we are giving away A400’s in our shotgun raffles this year.

Many thanks to Brenda and Ryan. Your support over the years means the world to us!

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Made in the USA, Leatherman tools have been proudly made in Portland, OR since 1983. Their Multi-Tool has been the industry standard that all others have been inspired by since their very first creation. This year, Shoot for a Cure will be giving away the new Signal Multi-Tool and the innovative Leatherman Tread Multi-Tool Bracelet in all of our event raffles.

Special thanks to Scott from Leatherman!

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