MN Event Special Youth Guests!

We just did our first event in MN on 8/22 at the Caribou Gun Club and we saw a great opportunity to promote the NSSF and National Shooting Month. While setting up last Monday, we met a class of local youth and their instructors taking a hunter certification class and we decided to give each of the kids a Shoot For A Cure hat and Buck knife. We then asked the instructors (who were also the coaches of the St. Paul High School Trap team) if they would like to bring 2 squads of youth to shoot as our guests the next day at the event. They brought 4 kids from the high school team (2 kids finished 5th in the US last year) and 4 new kids (future members of the trap team).  They had a BALL - the coaches team finished 2nd, the older kids finished 3rd and the young kids took home most of the raffle items!!!

It was an awesome day and we promoted the NSSF throughout the entire event. It was a real pleasure to be able to be in a position to comp the day for these kids. They will all be back next year.