10th Annual PSW Shoot Recaps from Moore N' Moore

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Event Recap from Moore N' Moore

Great scores, great time, and all for a great cause!

Last year we decided to enhance the Shoot for a Cure event to handle two different types of shooters. The NSCA shooter and the Fundraiser shooter (and both for some people). Holding events all weekend over the 10th and the 11th was a ton of fun. Especially with Mark Gagliardi and his band of shooting event experts on hand to make both days something to remember. Mark even came up with the new Moore N’ Moore promo song for our reopening. Video is posted below…as you sing along, be sure to replace “more more more” with “Moore N’ Moore” and “ooh how do you like your love?” with “oooh how do you like our club?”. Clever! He even called me up days later and opened the conversation with that….scary stuff, I tell ya.

While the NSCA shoot only had 52 shooters, the Sunday event had over 112 and boy was it muddy on Sunday. Saturday was actually the best day to shoot since it started raining as the event ended and the raffle began. The weather proceeded to rain through the day and night and left Sunday a muddy mess (I know it’s too late, but the mud issue has been addressed). I believe it was referred to as the peanut butter parking lot by the S4AC crew. That didn’t stop the good times from happening though and the heavy-duty fundraising activities by the S4AC crew. Lunch? An incredible lunch was provided by Wolf Creek Restaurant in Valencia. They served an Alfredo chicken on Saturday and Tri-Tip on Sunday and the side dishes were rib-sticking good stuff like baked beans and garlic mashed potatoes.

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