We're excited to announce that USPSA Production Master Jason Snoddy has joined the Shoot for a Cure team as our first PRO STAFF MEMBER! As an employee and representative of our Patron Sponsor, Kaiser Permanente, he is regular attendee of our Oregon event.   Jason will now be shooting at his USPSA matches wearing our SFAC shirt and raising awareness among the USPSA shooters about LLS and the Shoot for a Cure mission.

In 2010 Jason joined a local shooting range with the intention of taking up long range rifle shooting.  During the range safety and orientation class the speaker kept talking about the action pistol matches that were held at the range, including something about running around and shooting things. Jason's interest was instantly piqued.  A month later he attended a USPSA safety training class and a month after that attended his first match.

Jason has been shooting matches regularly since and has yet to learn long range rifle shooting.  He also enjoys shooting trap, action rifle, plus (of course!) sporting clays matches once a year when Shoot for a Cure comes to town.  Aside from shooting sports Jason also enjoys running, bodyweight training, camping, reading, fixing things around the house, and spending time with his wife and their "silly pug."  Jason says, "I am proud to represent Shoot for a Cure within the USPSA community to help raise awareness about this great organization!"

Jason, we're glad to have you!

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