Shoot for a Cure's Pro Staff Members are proud to support our mission
through sporting clays and shooting sports!


Meet Jason Snoddy

We're excited to announce that USPSA Production Master Jason Snoddy has joined the Shoot for a Cure team as our first PRO STAFF MEMBER! As an employee and representative of our Patron Sponsor, Kaiser Permanente, he is regular attendee of our Oregon event.   Jason will now be shooting at his USPSA matches wearing our SFAC shirt and raising awareness among the USPSA shooters about LLS and the Shoot for a Cure mission. 

In 2010 Jason joined a local shooting range with the intention of taking up long range rifle shooting.  During the range safety and orientation class the speaker kept talking about the action pistol matches that were held at the range, including something about running around and shooting things. Jason's interest was instantly piqued.  A month later he attended a USPSA safety training class and a month after that attended his first match.

Jason has been shooting matches regularly since and has yet to learn long range rifle shooting.  He also enjoys shooting trap, action rifle, plus (of course!) sporting clays matches once a year when Shoot for a Cure comes to town.  Aside from the shooting sports Jason also enjoys running, bodyweight training, camping, reading, fixing things around the house, and spending time with his wife and their "silly pug."  Jason says, "I am proud to represent Shoot for a Cure within the USPSA community to help raise awareness about this great organization!"


Meet Noah Jeffries

Noah Jeffries, NSCA Master Class, Junior.  Noah began competing in sporting clays in January of 2010 at the age of 13.  He entered a local charity event, The Trinity Sportsman’s Shoot, never having tried his hand at the sport.  He won the Junior division and came in 3rd overall with a 45 out of 50.   It was at this event that more seasoned competitors noticed him and he began his journey into competitive sporting clays. 

Between 2010 and 2015 Noah progressed from Sub Junior classification to Juniors and turned Masters ranking in March of 2013 at the age of 16 having won the Florida State title in Sub Juniors in 2012, Juniors title in 2013, and Masters Open in 2013 as well as the Over-All Champion in the State .28 gauge event.  At Nationals in 2013 he placed Runner-Up in Sub Juniors and 9th in the Men’s Open.  In 2014 Noah was Runner-Up in the Florida State Title, Junior Champion in the Georgia State Title, Junior Champion and Overall Runner Up in the Southern Side x Side Nationals.   

Noah is also recognized as one of the strongest teens in the world, holding several world records in lifting and Old-Time Feats of strength in performance strongman events.  He has been teaching strength feats and training since the age of 16 at coaching seminars in the US.  He has performed and spoken at Anti-Bullying Assemblies in public and private schools in a US Strongman Tour entitled, “Stop Bullying NOW!”  He is also competitive in Jiu Jitsu, and is an avid fisherman in both fresh and salt water.

He works as a range officer and clays consultant for the state of Florida’s range, Tenoroc Shooting Sports in Lakeland, FL.  Noah is working on his NSCA coaching certifications and Promatic course design and target setting while he continues to compete and promote charity sporting clays events to support the community and others.


Meet Clint Hinton

Clint was born and raised in Dacula, GA where he resides when not in school, where he is currently a Business major at Bethel University in Mckenzie, TN on a shooting scholarship. Clint is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting; most especially bird hunting. His father and uncles were a huge influence in his hunting and geared him into the clay shooting world.

He started shooting sporting clays in 2007, but didn't compete in a tournament until 2008, when he was immediately hooked. "All I wanted to do was shoot!" he says of his post-tournament excitement.  Clint then joined a gun club where he entered into the SCTP program and quickly worked his way into Master class. In his spare time, Clint enjoys shooting his pistol in IDPA matches and as well as 3-gun matches. 

Clint's accolades include the NSCA National Championship Main Event Junior Champion & Top 20 Finisher and the 2015 NSCA Junior All-American 1st Team, among many others. 

He's enjoyed the fellowship and most of all the friendships he has made over the past few years. Clint is very excited to see what the new season has in store for him and is looking forward to representing Shoot for a Cure. 


Meet Mark Van Zevern

Mark Van Zevern has been a member of the USPSA since 1976. He started off in the Limited division and within a year moved to the "Dark Side" Open division. He participates in 3 or 4 matches per month mostly in Northern California, and has shot the US Nationals multiple times as well as sectional, regional and state matches from Illinois to Hawaii . Mark holds a B classification in both Open and Limited. He also enjoys giving back to the sport by designing courses of fire and acting as a certified Range Officer since 1997.


Meet Max Klatt

Max Klatt began Shooting 3 Gun in the middle of 2013. He found the sport via videos online for 3 Gun Nation and thought it looked like so much fun. After his first match he was hooked. Shortly after entering the world of 3 Gun, Max started shooting USPSA as practice for 3 gun matches. He quickly fell in love with the fast pace stages USPSA has to offer, and joined a local indoor range in McHenry IL, Alpha Range, where he is able to train year round in a comfortable environment. This is where he now competes in USPSA 2-3 times per month during the winter.

Now that summer has arrived, Max is in full 3 gun mode. In March of this year he competed in the first annual Missouri 3 Gun Championship in Verailles, Missouri. He was able to pull out a 9th place finish against the likes of Jerry Miculek in Open division at his first major 3 gun match, and Max will also be competing every month in local 3 Gun matches in Polo, IL and Aurora, IL. Both of these clubs are 3 Gun Nation affiliates. Max looks forward to improving my 7th place finish in the year end shoot out at Polo 3 Gun. Hopefully this will lead to a spot at the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series Shoot Off in 2016. In early August Max will be competing in the 3 gun Nation Eastern Regional Championship in Cool Ridge West Virginia. He look forward to testing his skills against some of the world's best shooters.

When Max has the time, he continues to shoot USPSA in the summer as well as sporting clays. If it involves a gun and competition, then Max is more than likely interested.


Meet Eric McCoy

Eric McCoy, NSCA Master Class shooter, began shooting at a local “Steak and Feed” sporting clay event when he was college. Eric fell in love with the sport, but in spite of not hitting many targets, went out and bought his own shotgun the very next day. He has been hooked every since. Around the same time, he bought a German-Shorthair Pointer pup and it quickly became about hunting birds as well. Eric became involved with Habitat for Humanity to help with Youth Field Days and Youth Pheasant Hunts. This presented him with the opportunity to use his dog, shooting skills, and Eagle Scout skills to help the youth.

Eric began competing in sporting clays in June of 2012. In just over a year, he became a master class shooter. Eric enjoys not only competing in the events, but all the lifelong friends he has made, and all the new places he has had the opportunity to visit. It doesn’t have to be a competition for Eric to enjoy the sport. He loves shooting pistols with a few friends, to charity events, all the way up to competing on a national level. As long as Eric can be on the range with a gun in his hand, he is happy!

Eric is currently president at a local shooting range, All Seasons Trap & Skeet Club. His goals are to help grow the club into a successful, well-known, fun venue for shooters to benefit from. He enjoys helping others learn shotgun skills. He has mentored a few younger shooters with great success and is currently working on becoming an NSCA Certified Instructor. 

Meet Jarred Pierce

Country Music singer/songwriter Jarred Pierce grew up in the country near Muscle Shoals, AL. He learned to play guitar at 8 years old, and by fifteen he was in a band performing festivals and the local fair circuit, and then set out playing his own songs in acoustic shows before moving to Nashville. Speaking on his love of country music, Jarred says, “I think for me it was obvious. I grew up in the country. I am a hunter and an avid fisherman. Something about the way a country music song told a story spoke right to my heart. I could relate.”

Jarred has been joining us at our Nashville shoot for the past few years, and is a welcome and enthusiastic supporter of the Shoot for a Cure mission. He's sponsored by Treezyn Camo and makes the rounds at many of the hunting expos around the country.

Many of his songs celebrate his love of the outdoors, too. Last fall Jarred released his debut EP featuring the Music Row charting single “It’s Going Down.” He’s currently in the studio working on a new music to be released in August 2016.