December Sponsor Spotlight: CZ-USA and Silver Stag


Our December sponsors of the month are CZ-USA and Silver Stag!

Although CZ's company history dates back to the 1930s, it was in the second half of the 1980s when a corporate modernization and restructuring process began that CZ-USA/Dan Wesson began to put an emphasis on their firearms product range. (Something we love about their products!) We feature their complete product line of over/under shotguns on our trailer for folks to demo and we give away a Dan Wesson Commander .45 in our Yearly Raffle.
Special thanks to Dave and Danae for all of your support!

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SILVER STAG was founded in a garage by a couple of sportsmen who enjoyed turning old files and saw blades into hunting, fishing, and camping knives. Over the past 18 years, they have been extremely focused on improving their quality and selection, though they've never strayed from their original hands on approach to MDE IN THE USA manufacturing, producing some of the most beautiful, functional, and durable blades in the industry. We give away two of their beautiful ESLE Hunter knives at each event raffle and we give away a one of a kind limited edition custom knife each year in our Yearly Raffle. This year’s knife was made from steel from the World Trade Center!
Many thanks to Brad at Silver Stag!

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Announcing Our 2018 Yearly Raffle Winners


It’s such a pleasure to wrap up each season making a round of phone calls with good news. Here are this year’s yearly raffle winners! Congratulations to all of you, and thank you to all of our generous sponsors and shooters for a successful 2018. Your continued support truly means the world to us.

Silver Stag Knives-Eric Wright, CA

Leatherman Tread Tempo Watch-James Hewitt, CA

Buck Knife-Gary Morgan-CA

Leupold Rangefinder/Stealth Cam Trail Camera-Elisa Gonzales, OR

Yamaha Generator-Austin Buss, MN

Yamaha Generator-Vincent Citro, IL

Dan Wesson Pistol-Bobby Klein, CA

Stack-On Gun Safe-Juan Garcia, IN

MEC Clay Machine/Shotshell Reloader-Mark Plubell, CA

Blaser F3 Shotgun-Eric Wright, CA


Announcing the 2018 SFAC Instructors of the Year

Meet Lou and Jan Ulsch: Lou Ulsch (retired UFCW) and our long time LLS East Coast Coordinator, retired from LLS in 2016. His wife Jan retired from her job last year as well.

Since that time, Lou and Jan have attended almost every event coast to coast and have developed a passion for sporting clays. They come early and stay late and are always a huge help to the organization and the crew. Any job that needs done and any way they can help-they are always there for us.

That being said, we are very pleased and proud to announce that Lou and Jan Ulsch are the 2018 SFAC Instructors of the Year! We couldn’t think of two more deserving people and we love them very much. Here’s to many more years ahead-Congratulations!!!


October Sponsor Spotlight: Browning and Walker's


Our October sponsors of the month are Browning and Walker’s!

Browning was started in 1878 by John Moses Browning at his father's store in Ogden, Utah. Today, 130 years later, Browning has grown to be the leader in sporting arms, technical hunting clothing and many other outdoor-related product categories, all helping to make your hunting and shooting experience a success. As our longest standing Corporate Sponsor, we are proud to have ALL of the different models of Browning shotguns on the trailer for folks to try out at any of our events, as well as Browning Shooter apparel in our raffles.

Special thanks to Scott and Shaundi for all of your support!

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For over 25 years Walker’s has developed innovative solutions for hearing protection and enhancement. For hunters, the Walker’s line of products are the industry standard in hearing enhancement and protection, and we’re excited to feature the Game Ear products in our raffles at every one of our shoots!

Many thanks to Ben at GSM Outdoors.

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September Sponsor Spotlight: Leatherman and Beretta USA


Our sponsors of the month are Beretta USA and Leatherman!

Beretta has been making fine Italian firearms since the 1500s. Through those centuries of experience, Beretta has held true to their core value of quality without compromise, and their investments in technology have resulted in some of the best firearms on the market today. We have everything from the A300 to the Silver Pigeon O/U shotguns on the trailer to demo and we are giving away A400’s in our shotgun raffles this year.

Many thanks to Brenda and Ryan. Your support over the years means the world to us!

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Made in the USA, Leatherman tools have been proudly made in Portland, OR since 1983. Their Multi-Tool has been the industry standard that all others have been inspired by since their very first creation. This year, Shoot for a Cure will be giving away the new Signal Multi-Tool and the innovative Leatherman Tread Multi-Tool Bracelet in all of our event raffles.

Special thanks to Scott from Leatherman!

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MN Event Special Youth Guests!

We just did our first event in MN on 8/22 at the Caribou Gun Club and we saw a great opportunity to promote the NSSF and National Shooting Month. While setting up last Monday, we met a class of local youth and their instructors taking a hunter certification class and we decided to give each of the kids a Shoot For A Cure hat and Buck knife. We then asked the instructors (who were also the coaches of the St. Paul High School Trap team) if they would like to bring 2 squads of youth to shoot as our guests the next day at the event. They brought 4 kids from the high school team (2 kids finished 5th in the US last year) and 4 new kids (future members of the trap team).  They had a BALL - the coaches team finished 2nd, the older kids finished 3rd and the young kids took home most of the raffle items!!!

It was an awesome day and we promoted the NSSF throughout the entire event. It was a real pleasure to be able to be in a position to comp the day for these kids. They will all be back next year.


August Sponsor Spotlight: Blaser and The Original Muck Boot Co.


August's Sponsors of the Month are Blaser and The Original Muck Boot Company!

The Blaser F3 and F16 are some of the finest over and under shotguns on the market and we have two of each on the trailer for folks to shoot at our events! The F3 comes in many configurations and is used for everything from clays to game. The new F16 was created and designed with the clay shooter in mind and it is one sweet shooting shotgun. The F3 is also featured as our grand prize in our yearly raffle, and it’s custom made each year to the specifications of the winner!

Special thanks to Christian and Janet - your support means everything to us. 

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The Original Muck Boot Company.'s boots are some of the most popular raffle items at our events. The Woodland Extreme is a great insulated hunting boot, and the Woody Sport Cools are some of the best boots out there, keeping your feet cool on warmer days. And don't forget the women!  Muck Boot Co.'s women's styles are fashionable and functional. This year, each boot winner gets their choice of boots from the Muck lineup. With many styles to choose from, the decision can be tough. 

A big thank you to The Original Muck Boot Company for all you do for us throughout the year!

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July Sponsor Spotlight: F.A.I.R. and Otis Guncare


Our July Sponsors of the Month are F.A.I.R. and Otis Guncare!

Part of the Rizzini family of fine Italian shotguns, F.A.I.R. is a welcome addition to our family of sponsors starting this season. Since 1971, F.A.I.R. has specialized in the manufacture of functional and highly reliable sport and field shotguns. Shoot for a Cure is featuring their beautiful Carrera sporting clays over under and their new Iside side by side on our trailer. 

Many thanks to Justin at F.A.I.R.! For more info, visit

We're proud to have another great made in the USA product joining us as a new sponsor! Founded and built in northern New York, Otis Guncare works endlessly to be trailblazers so that their products help passionate gun owners to get more from their firearms. We're excited to be featuring their USA made Patriot and Wingshooter cleaning kits in our event raffles this season. 

Many thanks to Emily and Ron at Otis! For more info, visit


June Sponsor Spotlight: Fiocchi Ammunition and Orion Coolers


We have two sponsors of the month for June! First is Fiocchi Ammunition. Here is how we feel about Fiocchi, who is one of our Founding Sponsors, taken directly from one of their past catalogs:

"In our opinion, Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics is the best economical target load out there and is the official ammo of Shoot For A Cure. It is consistent, hard hitting, and clean - we very rarely have a failure. We see over 1300 shooters each year and we clean 40-60 loaner guns after each event. When you shoot as many rounds thru those guns as we do, it's nice to know that they will function for the entire event and clean up fairly easily. We rely on Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics for a great shooting experience for all of our shooters." 

Many thanks to Carlo and Jackie, your continued support throughout the years means everything to us!!!

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Orion Coolers has been a welcome addition to our family of sponsors these past few years. Their 100% Made in the USA coolers are packed with features like certified bear resistant locks, motorcycle grip carry handles, bottle openers, and best-in-class 2"+ insulation, among other things. We're proud to feature their high quality Orion 45 Cooler at all of our event raffles, and to keep your drinks cool on the course as well.

Big thanks to Damon from Orion for your support of Shoot for a Cure!

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10th Annual PSW Shoot Recaps from Moore N' Moore

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 12.34.33 PM.png

Event Recap from Moore N' Moore

Great scores, great time, and all for a great cause!

Last year we decided to enhance the Shoot for a Cure event to handle two different types of shooters. The NSCA shooter and the Fundraiser shooter (and both for some people). Holding events all weekend over the 10th and the 11th was a ton of fun. Especially with Mark Gagliardi and his band of shooting event experts on hand to make both days something to remember. Mark even came up with the new Moore N’ Moore promo song for our reopening. Video is posted below…as you sing along, be sure to replace “more more more” with “Moore N’ Moore” and “ooh how do you like your love?” with “oooh how do you like our club?”. Clever! He even called me up days later and opened the conversation with that….scary stuff, I tell ya.

While the NSCA shoot only had 52 shooters, the Sunday event had over 112 and boy was it muddy on Sunday. Saturday was actually the best day to shoot since it started raining as the event ended and the raffle began. The weather proceeded to rain through the day and night and left Sunday a muddy mess (I know it’s too late, but the mud issue has been addressed). I believe it was referred to as the peanut butter parking lot by the S4AC crew. That didn’t stop the good times from happening though and the heavy-duty fundraising activities by the S4AC crew. Lunch? An incredible lunch was provided by Wolf Creek Restaurant in Valencia. They served an Alfredo chicken on Saturday and Tri-Tip on Sunday and the side dishes were rib-sticking good stuff like baked beans and garlic mashed potatoes.

Read the full recap here!


January Sponsor Spotlight: Spring Creek SD Outfitters

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 1.58.53 PM.png

Our sponsor of the month for January is Spring Creek SD Outfitters! One of our favorite raffle prizes to award at every event raffle is the trip to their Resort and Deep Water Marina, but instead of us telling you about our sponsor of the month, let’s hear it in the words of John Zanotti, one of our recent hunt winners! 


"The trip was great! I brought my 22 year old son Zachary and neither of us ever hunted before.

From the time I called to make my reservation up to the end of our trip, David and Angela from Spring Creek were so accommodating. They picked us up at the airport and we stopped for lunch before taking us to our own lake front cabin. We walked along the property and lake, then relaxed in our cabin before going to dinner at the Lodge. It was there we met our fellow hunters and had an amazing home style dinner in a small relaxed environment, and then we worked our way to the bar area where Angela served us some super cocktails as we all watched the college football games on TV and would take cigar breaks on the outside deck.


The hunt started the following morning and they made us feel very comfortable by explaining what to do and what to expect. After the second day of hitting our limit, we felt like experienced professional hunters. We made some new friends that we now keep in touch with and will hunt again together.


Dave offered to have the pheasant cleaned and shipped to our homes, which I had him do. When the pheasant was delivered it was cleaned and vacuum sealed in plastic and came frozen. I quickly defrosted some and made it for dinner that night and it was AMAZING!!!!

This was an experience my son and I will never forget."

Special thanks to David and Angela for your continued support! 

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2017 Raffle Winners Spotlight

People really do win every year at Shoot for a Cure!

We love being able to give away so many of the industry's best products from our generous sponsors at each event. Here are some if this year's winners with their prizes!

First is Ryan Bohnet who won the Orion Cooler and the SKB Double gun case at one of our last events of the year.


Next, FJ Collins, our Yamaha yearly prize winner with his generator and power washer.


Congratulations to all of this year's raffle winners, and we can't wait to see you on the course in 2018!


December Sponsor Spotlight: Leupold Optics


Our December sponsor of the month is Leupold Optics. Leupold is the #1 most trusted name in riflescopes and outdoor optics and is a longtime supporter of Shoot for a Cure. Based in Beaverton, OR, Shoot for a Cure features their Made in the USA VX-1 riflescopes at each of our event raffles, and the VX-3i riflescope and their new LTO Tracker in the yearly raffle.

Many thanks to the team at Leupold for their ongoing support.

For more information, visit


2017 Yearly Raffle Winners

It means so much to us each year to have the support of these incredibly generous sponsors, and we love getting to announce the winners of our yearly raffle. Here are this year's - Congratulations to you all! 

Blaser F3 Shotgun - Dennis Burns - IL
Yamaha Camo Generator & Power Washer - FJ Collins - MD
Stack-On Gun Safe - Rick Slayton - TN
Dan Wesson .45 Pistol - Eric Wright - CA
Laporte Clay Machine - Lonnie Sheppard - TN
Leupold VX3 Scope & LTO Tracker - Greg Caniglia - CA
MEC Shotshell Reloader - Ellen Deleganes - TX
Buck Custom Knife - Scott Russell - GA
Silver Stag Custom Knife - Paul Schulz - CA


November Sponsor Spotlight: Lincoln Traps


Our November Sponsor of the Month is Lincoln Traps! Lincoln Traps, one of our newest sponsors, is proudly Made in the USA right in Lebanon, PA. Shoot for a Cure is excited to demo their awesome Rabbit/Chandelle machine (the best in the industry) in our world famous Shoot for a Cure Flurry at each event. Special thanks to Rod and Kris for your support. For more info, visit



Braving 30 MPH winds, Shoot For A Cure wraps up the 2017 season on a very special note…

Jason Comer worked as a Paramedic for Medic Ambulance (Vallejo, CA) for 16 years. Jason delivered 4 babies and saved count- less lives during his career. He worked with the High Schools in the area and helped put on “Every 15 Minutes” which educates teenagers in the dangers of drinking and driving. Jason was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) in July of 2016. Once treatment started he went into a downward spiral. He was scheduled to go to Stanford for a Stem Cell transplant, but never made it due to his MDS progressing to Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). He is survived by his wife and two young sons. 

On Saturday, October 14th we hosted the first annual Jason Comer Memorial Shoot at Quail Point Hunt Club in Zamora, CA with the goal of setting up two trust funds for his sons, Jackson and Travis. When all was said and done, due to the generosity of all of our good friends, we were able to net $28,000 for the Comer family. That’s $14,000 each to start trust funds for Jason’s two young sons!!!

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Keira Comer, Sean Hoover, the Comer family, Jim Pierson and Medic Ambulance, Fremont Bank, Quail Point Sporting Clays, and of course all of our sponsors, shooters and volunteers. You are all a part of one big, very loving, sometimes dysfunctional family and we pulled together for something very special. We love you all!!! Please see a few pics below and the event scores here.


Honoring Noah Jeffries


We're extremely sad to have to share the news with you that our dear friend Noah Jeffries has passed away. From the moment we met Noah, we knew he was special. A polite, kind, funny, and extremely talented young man, Noah was always a joy to have around and was always a great help at our Florida events. We truly believe he was too good for this earth, and though our loss, we know he has been called home to be with God. Noah's light will be greatly missed by so many. Our love and prayers go out to his family during this terrible time.

Noah Jeffries, NSCA Master Class, Junior.  Noah began competing in sporting clays in January of 2010 at the age of 13.  He entered a local charity event, The Trinity Sportsman’s Shoot, never having tried his hand at the sport.  He won the Junior division and came in 3rd overall with a 45 out of 50.   It was at this event that more seasoned competitors noticed him and he began his journey into competitive sporting clays. 

Between 2010 and 2015 Noah progressed from Sub Junior classification to Juniors and turned Masters ranking in March of 2013 at the age of 16 having won the Florida State title in Sub Juniors in 2012, Juniors title in 2013, and Masters Open in 2013 as well as the Over-All Champion in the State .28 gauge event.  At Nationals in 2013 he placed Runner-Up in Sub Juniors and 9th in the Men’s Open.  In 2014 Noah was Runner-Up in the Florida State Title, Junior Champion in the Georgia State Title, Junior Champion and Overall Runner Up in the Southern Side x Side Nationals.   

Noah was also recognized as one of the strongest teens in the world, holding several world records in lifting and Old-Time Feats of strength in performance strongman events.  He had been teaching strength feats and training since the age of 16 at coaching seminars in the US.  He performed and spoken at Anti-Bullying Assemblies in public and private schools in a US Strongman Tour entitled, “Stop Bullying NOW!”  He was also competitive in Jiu Jitsu, and was an avid fisherman in both fresh and salt water.

He worked as a range officer and clays consultant for the state of Florida’s range, Tenoroc Shooting Sports in Lakeland, FL and was working on his NSCA coaching certifications and Promatic course design and target setting while he continued to compete and promote charity sporting clays events to support the community and others.


October Sponsor Spotlight: LongRANGE


Our October Sponsor of the Month is LongRANGE controllers. When you think of clay machine controllers, there is only one name and that's LongRANGE. Their wireless transmitters and receivers work flawlessly and they save you the time, effort, and expense of running long cords across your clay fields. Their state of the art MT4300 is the controller of choice for the world famous Shoot for a Cure flurry. Many thanks to Neil and Jeremy at LongRANGE. Your continued support is instrumental to the success of our program. 

For more info go to